2017 Kitchen Color Trends Stylish Palette Inspirations
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June 5, 2017


One of the easiest ways to spruce up your home and make an improvement that increases its value is to focus on the kitchen. Using the right kitchen colors can go a long way toward brightening the space and adding a little interest to your home.

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With the 2017 trends in kitchen colors, you can add something new to your home, giving the kitchen a fresh feel.

Go Bold in the Kitchen

According to HGTV, the kitchen is the perfect place to go bold when it comes to colors. This is because a lot of the space is taken up by appliances and cabinets. Limited wall space means that bold colors don’t overpower the room.

Instead, choosing bold colors can create a splash of color and bring vitality. A bold red or copper might be too much for an entire bedroom. But added to a kitchen backsplash, it can be just the thing.

Whether you’re painting or adding tile, a bold, fresh color can be just the thing to bring the energy you want to the kitchen.

What about Subdued Colors?

Even though bold colors are a 2017 trend, it’s not the only trend. HGTV points out that it’s possible to have a stylish kitchen and still have subdued colors. One way to use subdued colors is to look for natural hues.

The types of colors found in nature, like silver-blue, gray-green, and tobacco brown can add to the atmosphere. Highlight these colors by adding depth with natural-looking textures. Grass and rattan patterns can add a feeling of depth to the kitchen. This gives it a natural feel, and it can be soothing and comforting, according to HGTV.

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Influenced by India

One of the up-and-coming countries on the world market is India. As a result, the country is getting a little more influence when it comes to trends. If you want to be slightly ahead of the kitchen color curve, adding soothing oranges and yellows to your kitchen decor can be a big help. These are colors well-known and well-used in India, and they are becoming more popular as more people visit the country.

Don’t Let Your Kitchen Go Commercial

You’re in a home, and the idea is to convey your sense of style and help guests feel at ease. That means you want to stay away from colors and color combinations that remind you of being in a chain restaurant, says HGTV. The article singles out terracotta and Tuscan as color themes to stay away from.

And this makes sense. You don’t want your kitchen to feel sterile and copied. You want it to have a unique flair that makes it clear it’s your own space. Choosing colors that go with your personal style is one of the best ways to prepare your kitchen for guests.

Color Palettes to Consider for Your Kitchen

New 2017 trends in kitchen colors come with some new color palettes that can help you brighten the kitchen and freshen the feel. According to HGTV, some of the hottest new color palette trends include:

  • Agrestic: This palette is all about the modern rustic feel. It includes warm golden yellows, bruschetta browns, and tender greens. However, to add accent and interest, it also includes vibrant pink. You don’t want to over-use the pink, though.
  • Savories: If you want something a little youthful and playful, this might be the palette to choose. It includes daiquiri green, as well as chocolate brown. This is a combination that has been gaining favor recently. For accents, choose a complementary bright color.
  • Ethnic Chic: This is all about using modern style to bring a fresh look to your kitchen. You can use deep purple with misty yellow. Perhaps consider combining a vibrant blue with a burnt orange color. The idea is to provide a new look for the kitchen with slightly unexpected — yet complementary — combinations.

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With a little creativity, it’s possible to bring your kitchen an interesting and fresh look with new color combinations and forward-looking textures.

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