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Get better financing with self-employed income

Buy property with an affordable loan based on your bank deposits, rather than tax returns or W2s. Don’t settle for strict loan qualifications. Borrow what you need with flexible requirements that fit your situation.

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How bank statement loans help you get approved

Many self-employed individuals and business owners have struggled with the strict rules of mortgage loans that require traditional income documentation.

It’s frustrating knowing you can afford to invest in property, yet you can’t get approved for financing because you don’t fit into a standardized box.

With self-employment on the rise, it’s easier to get approved for the purchase or refinance of property using bank statements, rather than traditional tax returns or W2s.

This comes with many advantages including higher income, bigger loan limits, flexible term options, and loans that apply to multiple property types and uses.

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Top benefits of bank statement loans

More flexibility

Get the type of loan you need for the property you want, regardless of how you earn income

Simple application

Get approved with less documentation through straightforward underwriting

Better financing

Get a loan that fits your situation rather than settling for a loan that limits you

Get simple and affordable financing with a bank statement loan

Don’t let traditional loan requirements stop you from investing in the property you want. Bank statement loans are non-QM loans that don’t have to adhere to conventional or government requirements. Lenders use your bank deposits to see a more accurate picture of what you can afford, rather than rely on the limitations of your after-expense income on tax returns. These loans allow the self-employed to write off necessary expenses without negatively impacting the income considered for home financing. Is a bank statement loan right for you?

  • Approval based on bank deposits
  • Purchase, refi, cash-out loans available
  • No W2s or tax returns needed
  • Lenient qualification requirements
  • Qualify for a bigger loan
  • Can finance various property types
  • Gift funds sometimes allowed
  • Simple, straightforward underwriting

Bank statement loan FAQs

How do I know if I’ll qualify for a bank statement loan?

Lenders consider the past 12-24 months of bank statement deposits to determine your income and eligibility for financing. By not requiring tax returns, self-employed business owners can write off what they need to without impacting their eligibility for a loan. Otherwise, with traditional mortgages, they must use the after-expense income to qualify, which can be substantially lower.

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  • Approval based on bank deposits
  • Purchase, refi, cash-out available
  • Lenient qualification requirements
  • Straightforward underwriting
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When you’re ready to purchase property, a bank statement loan can help you afford financing with a simple application process. Tell us about your situation and you’ll be on your way to securing the perfect loan.