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Make building real estate simple and affordable

Get short-term financing to purchase and build on your property. Financing is secured simply with the value of the finished property and the overall project costs, rather than your personal assets.

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How construction loans finance a range of building projects

Whether you want to build a custom home or need a specially designed building to do business, construction loans simplify how you buy and build property.

Made to apply to a wide range of scenarios, construction loans allow borrowers to secure financing based on the finished property value and project costs, rather than solely relying on your personal finances.

For homebuyers, builders, contractors, and real estate investors that want to build a new home, business, or investment property, construction loans offer lenient qualification requirements and flexible terms to secure financing that meets the needs of each unique situation.

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The top benefits of construction loans

Apply with confidence

Get approved with less documentation through simple underwriting

Purchase quickly

Move quickly to purchase available property with flexible loan qualifications

Finance entire projects

Afford a new build or the renovations needed to complete your project

Get quick and affordable financing with a construction loan

With a construction loan you can qualify for a short-term mortgage that will finance the costs of building or renovation, including land purchase, building plans, permits, labor, and materials. This allows homebuyers, builders, contractors, and investors to complete projects within necessary timelines and then pay back financing or refinance the loan on the property. With flexible qualification requirements that apply to multiple property types, you can secure a construction loan based on your finished property value and project costs, rather than your income, employment, and other personal finance considerations. Is a construction loan right for you?

  • Flexible qualification requirements
  • Based on finished property value and project costs
  • No income or employment verification
  • Term length options
  • Fast and simple closing
  • For owner-occupied or non-owner occupied
  • For business or consumer purposes

Construction Loan FAQs

What types of projects are construction loans meant for?

Construction loans can be used for new construction or to renovate an existing building. They’re available to a range of people, from real estate investors to homebuyers. With a strong and clear building plan, construction loans work well for many scenarios. You may qualify for an owner-occupied loan as a business or consumer. For example, as a consumer you may want to build your new dream home, or as a business, you may want to build a new office building for your team. Maybe you want a non-owner occupied loan and need to qualify as an investor who plans to build a property and sell it.

How does a construction loan differ from standard investment property loans?
Do I need good credit to qualify for a construction loan?
How does a construction loan help cover my costs throughout the project?
What costs are required to close a construction loan?

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  • Flexible requirements
  • For a wide range of scenarios
  • Term length options
  • Based on finished property value and project costs
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