Tips From The 50 Most Influential Real Estate & Mortgage Pros on TikTok
24 minute read
January 1, 1970

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When you’re trying to learn about new, complex topics, where do you go?

More and more, young and old are turning to TikTok.

In a matter of a few years, TikTok transformed from a platform to find trending dances and songs to a true educational medium that rivals YouTube and even Google itself.

Since real estate and mortgage finance is one of the most complex topics anywhere, it’s no surprise people are learning about it on the social media platform. Luckily for these learners, there are amazingly talented homebuying and homeownership educators emerging across TikTok.

We compiled a list of the 50 most influential real estate and mortgage professionals on TikTok and included a little about them, and a helpful TikTok from their channel. Enjoy!

1. Glennda Baker – @glenndabaker

With her ever-present star sweaters, perfect blond hair, and her talking off-camera, she is one of the most recognizable faces in all residential real estate. Glennda Baker is one of the top real estate agents in Atlanta, with decades of experience, and she is also killing it on TikTok. If you are a real estate agent, homebuyer, or seller, you must have come across one of Glennda Baker’s videos. Glennda’s TikTok mixes fun, entertaining content about her past clients and closed deals, with educational and inspiring content targeting agents, buyers, and sellers. But her success mostly comes down to her authenticity on the platform and her ability to engage with her community (a key component of any successful social media presence). There’s much to learn from Glennda Baker’s real estate marketing strategy!

Topics Covered

  • Tips for home buyers and sellers;
  • Real estate stories;
  • Inspirational content for self-growth and how to become a successful real estate agent;
  • How to invest in real estate.
@glenndabaker If you’re looking to build wealth through real estate conservatively… This is the easiest way to get started! #GlenndaBaker #RealEstate #AtlantaRealEstate #GlenndaTok #realestatetiktok ♬ original sound – Glennda Baker

2. Vanessa Aragon @vanessaaragonrealtor

Vanessa Aragon is a Realtor based in Arizona with a following of nearly 145k. She offers education for buyers and sellers in both English and Spanish. Aragon answers home buying questions, demonstrates financial calculations, and more. There really isn’t much you can’t learn on her channel.

@vanessaaragonrealtor Want me to share another example like this one? Comment below! #realestatetips #firsttimehomebuyer #realtorsoftiktok #edutok #scottsdalerealtor #phoenixrealtor #realestate ♬ original sound – Vanessa Aragon

3. Mari Juliette (@marijuliette)

Mari Juliette is a 28-year-old CEO + real estate agent who uploads virtual open houses, Realtor tips and tricks such as investing and marketing hacks, and also talks about what it is like to be a Realtor. She is also an Airbnb expert, and offers advice on things like “how to maximize the ROI on your Airbnb.” She manages her own team, and her videos are especially inspiring for women entrepreneurs. 

@marijuliette Reply to @user8191928177919 ♬ disturbia x mamma mia by Altegomusic – ALTÉGO

4. Sarah Ayala @sarahsayala

Sarah Ayala is a California-based Realtor who is known for home tours set to trending music. Followers can get a pulse on the southern California market and get great homebuying advice by following her TikTok channel.

@sarahsayala And this is just the outside… who wants a tour of the inside? #Home #house #riversideca #riverside #horsesoftiktok #horseproperty ♬ Outdoors – Colin Tierney

5. Lauren Matera @itsthatrealestatechick

Lauren Matera has one of the largest followings of any real estate pro on TikTok. She coaches her more than 400,000 followers on the best home buying strategies, terms, and tips, and, of course, adds in a lot of humor and trending music. While she’s based in Maryland, her reach is nationwide and likely worldwide.

@itsthatrealestatechick Replying to @katefrommaine #firsttimehomebuyer #buyingahouse #millennialsoftiktok #genz #learnontiktok #marylandtiktok #realtoroftiktok ♬ original sound – Lauren Matera, Maryland

6. Lorene Hetherington @lorenehetherington

This Nashville, Tennessee Realtor teaches followers about real estate terms, how to buy and sell, home care, and a little about Realtor life. With over 27k followers, Hetherington is a stand-out TikTok real estate pro.

@lorenehetherington all abt earnest money! #fyp #realestate #homebuyingtips #firsttimehomebuyer #realtorsoftiktok #realtorlife #realestatetips ♬ Novice Juggler – Joey Pecoraro

7. Tatiana Londono @TATLONDONO

Tatiana Londono is a real estate coach, real estate broker, and real estate investor. Her content covers a wide range of topics surrounding the real estate agency.

Tatiana’s upbeat videos are aimed to help individuals achieve success in their real estate careers. She shows glimpses of her fabulous life while explaining the work it took to get there. Her videos are broken up into three categories: property hustles, millionaire tips, and real estate agent success.

Topics Covered

  • Real Estate coaching
  • The type of work it takes to be a successful real estate professional
  • How to grow wealth through real estate
  • Why someone should become a real estate licensee

8. Stevie Soucie   @STEVIESOUCIE

Stevie Soucie, a real estate coach and mentor, creates videos aimed at helping real estate agents create great impressions with their clients. This account is targeted at newer real estate agents or agents who are looking for new tips on how to be successful in their careers.

Stevie’s TikTok mixes fun, entertaining content with serious, informative content. Stevie covers a wide range of tips for real estate agents, such as “how to protect yourself as a woman real estate agent” and “careers within the real estate industry.”

Topics Covered

  • Mentorship and coaching
  • How to become an agent
  • Tips for women in the real estate industry
  • Real estate investing insights

9. Inspector AJ @INSPECTOR_AJ

This account is run by AJ, a professional CPI® home inspector. AJ gives tours of the homes he is inspecting and shows inspection fails.

While this content is entertaining, it also gives great insight into the inspection process from the eyes of a professional. AJ gives great tips while giving viewers an idea of what to expect during a home inspection. The content is a fun and valuable way to learn more about common mistakes found in homes.

Topics Covered

  • Home inspection tips
  • Home inspection fails
  • Improvement tips

10.  Daniel Heider @HEIDER_REALESTATE

As a luxury real estate agent, you might think Daniel’s target audience isn’t on Tiktok. But as you can see from his subscriber count, people everywhere love what he posts.

Daniel’s content is great because he understands the power of curiosity and convenience. His videos are often just a few seconds long. But they’re long enough to satisfy the viewer’s curiosity about the interior of luxury homes, and short enough that the viewer watches the whole thing.

Daniel combines high-quality drone footage with interior video to showcase stunning luxury properties, and to shine a spotlight on his success. He frequently posts “just sold” videos of properties across the East coast, cementing his authority and trustworthiness in luxury real estate.

Topics Covered

  • Luxury real estate
  • Home tours

11. Antonio Cucciniello @INVESTARTERS

@investarters is a Tik Tok channel created by Antonio Cucciniello with the purpose to inform followers about the business surrounding first-time real estate investing.

Antonio uses a Q&A format to answer common investing questions and concerns. Outside of his channel, Antonio mentors investors and has tools and books available for sale.

Topics Covered

  • First-time property investing Q&As
  • How to make money in real estate
  • Why getting a real estate license puts you at an advantage
  • Why someone should become a real estate investor

12. Enes Yilmazer @enesyilmazerla

A real estate agent/developer based in Los Angeles, Yilmazer specializes in luxury real estate. His videos give us a peek into some of THE swankiest mansions that California has to offer. (Seriously, we aren’t kidding. These houses cost upwards of $250 million.) Through the lens of his camera, we get to see how the 0.1% of the very rich get to live. Through his videos, he went from being “just another real estate agent” to selling houses to celebrities. His videos transport us to another world entirely, and also teach us to never give up on our dreams!

13. Jen Crouse @jencrouserealtor

Unlike many other real estate TikTokers, Jen Crouse has taken the spirit of the social media channel to heart and post fun content that gives you a sneak peek into what it’s like to be a Realtor. Not only are her videos informative, they will make you laugh out loud. She bursts myths about what being a real estate agent is like (spoiler alert: it is NOT easy), and also provides content such as “what your Realtor tells you versus what they actually mean.” Overall, a fun twist on the world of Realtors.

14. Chris @therealtorchris

Chris posts funny as well as informative content about the real estate world that is useful if you are planning to buy a home. His content ranges from talking about the lowest versus highest priced homes in Des Moines, Iowa, to talking about why saving 20% on your down payment is bad, to funny content about “Realtor therapy.”

15. Listings By The Portfolio @listings.bytheportfolio

Have you ever wanted to tour luxury properties around the globe? Well, this is your chance! This page posts walk-throughs of some of the most beautiful properties to ever exist. All of them have exquisite views and cost upwards of $1M. They are worth a follow if you are a fan of beautiful buildings bathed in luxury.

16. Mary Fitzgerald @themaryfitzgerald 

Mary is one of the stars of Selling Sunset on Netflix, so most of her content centers around her show. She’s keenly aware of her celebrity status and publishes videos that leverage that.

When it comes to the people we see on TV, we always want to know more about who they really are. Mary takes full advantage of this curiosity by posting about her daily life and personality, sometimes even including her husband.

This creates the feeling of a personal connection between Mary and the viewer. They feel like they really know and understand her, from how she vacations to her sense of humor.

17. Madison Sutton @thenycagent

Madison got started on TikTok in 2020 during the pandemic, and never planned for it to blow up as it has. Today, 100% of her business comes from TikTok and her pre-pandemic commission has doubled.

Madison was interviewed by CNN as a result. “There were days I was getting two or four hundred inquiries for one apartment,” she told the outlet. “What TikTok did, I couldn’t have expected or planned or calculated in my entire lifetime. It’s completely changed my life.”

She’s living proof that when done right, TikTok for real estate agents can be absolutely transformative.

Madison first posted tours of NYC apartments that she narrated like she and the viewer were touring them in person. She slowly peppered in videos about life as a young NYC Realtor and tips for living in the area.

Today, Madison still uses her TikTok for all of her business. She also posts videos about dating, tips for renters, and career advice. By targeting hot topics outside of real estate, she draws in potential customers that wouldn’t have found her otherwise.

19. Stefanie Kebede @stefaniekebede 

Stefanie is a young real estate investor who dropped out of college. Many people are eager to hear her take on life and how she got to where she is.

Stefanie posts a lot of content about exactly how she ended her college career to start her real estate investment business at 21. Because she’s lived it, she knows what her audience is thinking and feeling.

This enables her to post exactly what viewers want to see. She shares insights into her life, journey, successes, and failures. She also adds humorous and relatable details where appropriate. This paints her as a likable and relatable expert on this currently hot topic.

20. Melissa Piquion @yourrealtormelissa

Melissa is a Florida Realtor who also mentors buyers and sellers. She uses her playful personality to cut through the noise in the very saturated mentoring market.

Melissa uses her channel to appeal to a very wide audience, but all of her content forms a cohesive platform. From becoming a real estate agent to creative ways to buy a home, she shares advice on quite a few popular topics.

She never posts dull or boring content, though. She infuses her playfulness and light-hearted attitude into every video, making almost any viewer an instant fan.

21. Bethany King @bethanyxking

Bethany is a Canadian real estate agent, team leader, and broker. She does post a few real estate videos, but most of her content is actually personal. She’s talked to viewers about wedding planning, experiences as a Black woman, and life as a mom.

Bethany understands how many people are constantly searching for ways to improve their lives by connecting with other people. TikTok especially is widely used to share life experiences, advice, and personal or daily tips.

By harnessing the power of personal connection and insight, Bethany has attracted an audience that truly appreciates her for who she is. Knowing how important personal connection is to homebuyers and sellers, this is a genius move on her part.

22. Emily McAllister @realtoremilymcallister 

Emily is a 25-year-old real estate broker who films most of her videos in her car. She uses TikTok to connect with her audience in a very unique way.

Emily’s videos are focused on real estate tips, her opinions on the industry, and useful guides/charts. It’s very unusual for anyone to use TikTok for sharing tools like this—it’s more commonly done in Facebook posts.

But her audience loves it, and so do we. Emily’s flyer templates, year-long goal-planning charts, and guides are invaluable. She also encourages people to communicate with her via TikTok, further boosting her overall engagement and reach.

23. Cash Jordan @cash.jordan 

Cash is self-branded as “NYC’s Apartment Expert,” whose channel blew up during the pandemic.

Cash and the other Realtors spotlighted today understand that TikTok for real estate agents is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal.

He was interviewed by Business Insider, and commented that “It doesn’t seem to matter if the place is $2,000 or $600,000… people see it and are interested.” By his estimation, he’s doubled his clients by using TikTok.

Most of Cash’s videos show off apartments, lofts, and similar properties. He highlights especially strange places like tiny apartments, lofts with unique layouts, and even a “budget” penthouse.

He also shares tips for buyers and renters, like how to spot landlord red flags. Cash makes his videos short, snappy, and attention-grabbing. Many NYC residents know exactly what unit features they need, so this focused format is highly effective.

24. Byron Lazine @byronlazine

Byron Lazine is an entrepreneur, real estate broker, and podcaster. He is the co-founder and COO at BAM (Broke Agent Media) and co-host of The Real Word, The Walk Thru, and host of The Byron Lazine Podcast. On Byron’s TikTok account, you’ll find the highlights of his interviews with real estate professionals, mixed with Byron’s marketing and motivational speeches. Besides consuming and learning from Byron Lazine’s content, you can also see a great example that proves the power of repurposing content across different platforms.

Topics Covered:

  • Interviews with real estate professionals;
  • Entrepreneurship and business hacks;
  • Tips and tricks for real estate agents;
  • How to invest and grow wealth through real estate.

25. Jonathan Corbett @realestatephotographymc

Jonathan Corbett is a real estate photographer and videographer who teaches anyone who wants to learn how to start with real estate photography via his online course, Real Estate Photography Master Class. On his TikTok, you’ll find behind-the-scenes on the set, photography tricks and business tips. He gives great insight into real estate photography and real estate marketing from the eyes of a professional. You will understand how real estate professionals make a listing stand out with professional marketing materials like property pictures, floor plans, and videos.

He also shares his favorite photography gear, tools and apps for real estate photographers. Here’s Jonathan using CubiCasa app as an easier and cheaper alternative to Matterport to create digital floor plans for real estate listings:

Topics Covered: 

  • Real estate photography tips;
  • How to make money with real estate photography;
  • Entrepreneurship and business hacks.

26. Eli Jones @itselijones

Eli Jones is a real estate photography business owner who shares content essentially on how you can make money as a real estate photographer. From showing what are the most-profitable add-ons every photographer should offer (e.g. floor plans or twilight shots) to 101 guides to get clients in real estate. His content is not only valuable to the real estate photography niche. Actually, every real estate professional and content creator who wants to build their audience on TikTok can inspiration from Eli Jones’s TikTok marketing strategy. Strong hooks, excellent lighting and video quality, great editing skills, and community building skills. All things you might want for your account!

Topics covered:

  • How to make money as a real estate photographer
  • Lead generation tips
  • Behind-the scenes how-tos

27. Anya Ettinger @aserealty

As more young adults hit their prime homebuying years, TikTok is the platform to be. Anya Etinger is a Toronto real estate agent with Bosley Real Estate. Her content is mainly aimed at Gen Zs and Millennials, most of which are first-time buyers.

She effectively mixes educational content with funny and entertaining content. But most important, she is outspoken and authentic with her community. And on TikTok, authenticity is KEY. Overall, creators on the platform are becoming less filtered and are starting to share more of their lives. And people love it – especially Gen Zers.

Most of the time, Realtors tend to show only the luxury and successful part of their career, but real estate is not always a bed of roses. Anya’s content shows how she is navigating these crazy times in real estate, keeping an eye on young buyers’ struggles and providing tips to help them as much as possible.

Topics covered:

  • State of Toronto’s real estate market;
  • Educational content for buyers and sellers;
  • Entertaining content about real estate

28. Diana Amann – @soiaccelerator

Diana Amann is a Realtor, Real Estate Marketing Coach, Consultant, and Social Media Expert. Her content is agent-focused, but it’s also accessible to anyone who wants to learn more about how to leverage online platforms for their business. She founded SOI Accelerator—a real estate marketing coaching and training program that helps Realtors navigate multiple social media platforms and use innovative digital marketing strategies to expand their sphere of influence, engage their target audience, and optimize their business growth.

Diana Amann’s TikTok account is a must-follow, especially if you are an agent looking for ways how to improve your online presence through social media channels such as TikTok, Facebook or Instagram.

Topics Covered: 

  • Social media marketing tips for Realtors
  • Content do’s and don’ts
  • Building a successful real estate marketing strategy

29. Jennifer Grandjean – @estateofjenn

Jennifer Grandjean is a Realtor, real estate coach and mentor based in Portland, OR. Jenn shares helpful tips for agents and includes some unique content that many others don’t cover. She has a Psychology background so her content isn’t just focused on the business side of things but also covers how clients and Realtors feel during the process as well. For example, she does some really deep dives into topics like negotiation (“Negotiating: Appliances“) or dealing with difficult clients (“How to navigate fighting couples clients“), but also tips for introverted Realtors (“Introverted Realtor Lead Generating Tips“).

She also shares valuable content such as ready-made agent’s scripts. For example, a buyers agent script you can use when you call a listing agent before you draft your offer or a Realtor script for buyers who are taking up all your time and not putting in offers. And so much more, even for home buyers and sellers. A must-follow!

Topics Covered: 

  • Ready-made agent’s scripts;
  • Real Estate Client Relationship Tips;
  • Social Media marketing tips

30.  @thesunilsaxena

Sunil Saxena is another megalith in RE TikTok. He’s been investing and developing real estate for over two decades, and he shares his expertise daily with followers. He breaks down strategies for analyzing deals, winning bidding wars, and more. He even offers up book recommendations.

31. @newyorkcityrealtor

If you’re eyeing the NYC market, put this creator on your radar. Cameron – the “New York City Realtor” – serves up valuable tips, tricks, and advice for anyone on the market for local real estate. He even shows off some of the best and worst deals currently out there.


For luxury real estate content, Rich De Villa‘s your follow. You’ll see amazing spaces, great design inspo, expansive views, and more. He specializes in the San Francisco and Los Angeles markets, so expect a lot of pools and sunny skies.

33. @adamharitan

If you’re into wholesaling, hit “follow” on Adam Haritan. The 19-year-old is bringing in $30,000 per month on his wholesaling side hustle, and he shares his best tips and tricks on his account. His inspirational story has earned him about 120,000 followers and 1.4 million likes to date.

34. @ericmclaughlinmortgage

Need good mortgage content? Eric McLaughlin‘s got it. He gives tons of insights into the mortgage business (as well as what loan officers think and feel), and he’s also got valuable tips and tricks for those dealing with the red-hot market. He’s located in the Austin, Texas, area, so he’s likely seen the worst of it!

31. @ecommjess

For more general finance and real estate content, EcommJess can help. She covers everything from REITs, HELOCs, and short sales to more complicated topics like capital gains and even cryptocurrency like dogecoin. There’s also a good dose of beginner investor content, too, so if you’ve been in the game awhile, she may not be for you.

32. Stefan Aarnio @stefanaarnio 

Stefan Aarnio is an award-winning real estate investor, entrepreneur and author. Best known for having started his real estate portfolio with just $1,200, he has since built a multi-million dollar portfolio of single family and multifamily properties in Canada. He is the author of Money, People, Deal: The Fastest Way to Real Estate Wealth, which led him to his next calling: mentoring other aspiring investors. He teaches mastery courses on raising capital, negotiation and real estate sales. In 2014, Aarnio won the Rich Dad Hall of Fame Award.

33. Cody Sperber @cleverinvestor

A Navy veteran turned real estate expert, Cody Sperber, AKA the Clever Investor, is the man behind the most-followed real estate investing account on Instagram ( he has more than 413,000 followers). Having flipped more than 1,000 properties as a real estate investor, Sperber has been called an “absolute market genius” by Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank. He has also personally mentored hundreds of students who have achieved financial freedom through real estate investing, and he’s still an extremely active real estate investor himself, buying, selling and renting properties.

34. Tom Ferry @tomferry

Tom Ferry is the CEO of Tom Ferry International, a real estate coaching and training company. In his 30 years of business, Ferry has influenced thousands of real estate professionals and helped increase their wealth. Ferry has been featured in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, HuffPo,, Inc., Realtor Magazine, amongst others.

35.   Grant Cardone @grantcardone

Grant Cardone is an international sales expert, New York Times best-selling author and radio show host of The Cardone Zone. Cardone creates customized sales training programs for Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, success-minded individuals and entrepreneurs. Cardone is also the author of seven books and hosts four radio shows focused on helping others find jobs, make money, and improving their business in addition to contributing to Entrepreneur.

36. Barbara Corcoran @barbara.corcoran

One of the “sharks” on ABC’s hit TV show, Shark Tank, Barbara Corcoran has invested in 22 businesses. She is is a columnist for More Magazine, The Daily Review and Redbook. Her newest book, Shark Tales, takes readers behind the scenes of her life and business. Corcoran’s hard-working, blunt attitude has earned her the reputation as a top real estate influencer and investor. Corcoran is also a real estate contributor to NBC’s Today Show and hosts The Millionaire Broker with Barbara Corcoran on CNBC.

37. Ryan Serhant @ryanserhant

With more than 162,000 followers on Twitter, Ryan Serhant is the number one real estate broker in New York and number six in the nation according to the Wall Street Journal’s “Real Trends 2015.” A star of Million Dollar Listing New York, Serhant is a regular contributor on 20/20, The Today Show and more. Serhant writes a weekly real estate column titled “Ask Ryan Serhant” for Inman News and has a weekly real estate video blog for Streeteasy titled, “Ryan’s New York Minute.”

38. @davispfaff

Davis Pfaff not only helps his clients find their dream L.A. house, but he also shares a look inside of those homes on his TikTok profile. He made our top 5 list by engaging his followers with clever captions, music and — oh, yeah, showcasing some of the most stunning properties in the City of Angels.

39. @millonairehomes

Managed by XCape Real Estate in southern Spain, this TikTok account features only the most luxurious homes of the Costa del Sol, comprised of endless sunshine, beautiful beaches and, you guessed it, extravagant real estate. What makes this account unique, however, is its inclusion of charming little snippets of the high life in Spain.

40. @stargelrealestate

 Hollywood real estate expert Blake Stargel has equal expertise in creating beautiful, clean and dazzling TikTok videos with 360° views of California properties. Alexa, play “California Dreamin”” by The Mamas & The Papas.

41. @dkrizestates

Darren Kriz has more than half a million TikTok followers, and after watching his videos, it’s easy to see why. Kriz invests a significant amount of time and energy into his TikTok creations, down to the moments before he even sets foot in his million dollar listings. This video, for example, shows Kriz placing his foot into a bootie machine, a shoe cover dispenser that automatically releases a bootie around your shoe to keep the home clean while you’re walking through it.


Sarah Miller has almost 13,000 TikTok followers She is a licensed Realtor based in Maryland. Her content includes behind the scenes of Realtor life and tips for new home buyers. She offers a customized home-buying experience for her customers.  

43. @kerishullteam

Keri Shull founded a real estate company called Kerri Shull Team. Her company has a large team of real estate agents available near Arlington Virginia. In 2020, the Keri Shull Team was named the #13 real estate team in the United States by REALTrends, an award that is measured by sales volume. That same year, her team helped 881 families buy or sell a home. Her company’s tik tok features the faces of her marketing team where they post cultural millennial content along with financial advice and serious tips for new homebuyers. 

44.  @passionhomesla

Rebecca is based in Los Angeles, CA. Her content consists of helpful hacks and tips for homebuyers surrounding the idea of financing a place to live. 

45. @janinenissa

Janine is based in Southern California. Her TikTok has over 20k followers. Her content is a mix of health and wellness, mom life, and conversations about real estate. Her real estate content is a mix of behind the scenes home tours, tips for buyers, humorous real estate content/parody. 

46. @msjessielockhart

Jessie is a licensed real estate agent in Utah and Arizona. She has over 53,000 followers on TikTok. Lately her content has been based on fitness and health. In the recent past, she has created much content targeted towards new homebuyers and finance tips for new homebuyers.

47. @yourmortgageguide

Michael Dufour runs a real estate business based out of Maryland. He has over 162k followers on TikTok. His content consists of tips for financing real estate with a humorous take. 


Miriah is a Realtor based in Corsicana Texas. She is a team lead of Realtors. She has close to 245k followers on TikTok. She offers advice to homebuyers, humorous content around the homebuying process, tips from her perspective as a homebuyer. 


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