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Mortgage Leads on Demand

Close more loans, faster with mortgage leads on demand. As a trusted lead generator, we help you navigate changes in the market so high-quality leads keep flowing.
Buy Mortgage Leads

Your perfect mortgage lead source

You need a simple way to buy leads from a reliable source so you can focus on closing more loans.

Access a wide range of mortgage lead types, from the most common loan programs to niche special-purpose mortgages.

My Perfect Mortgage partners with LeadPoint to provide lenders with validated leads that are generated through our exceptional user experience and managed through a simplified handoff to your company — directly posting into your CRM or lead management system.

With on-demand leads, close more loans faster in even the most challenging mortgage market, without needing your own marketing team to generate leads.

Access a wide range of lead types

Whether you’re a single loan officer or a national lender, get immediate access to leads interested in the following mortgage products:

  • Refinance
  • VA
  • Fix and flip
  • First-time homebuyer/FHA
  • Purchase
  • Construction
  • Bridge
  • Jumbo
  • Hard money/private money
  • DSCR
  • Reverse mortgage
  • Home equity/HELOC

How it works 

LeadPoint scores and validates leads generated by My Perfect Mortgage through high-quality channels. Through LeadPoint, getting our best leads to your sales team is fast and straightforward. Ensure leads flow into your system and are customized to your needs.

  1. Connect with us to set up your lead preferences and budget using LeadPoint.
  2. Test integrations into your system and turn on lead flow.
  3. See fresh leads flow directly into your sales queue.

Schedule a discovery call to begin buying leads.

Why buy leads from My Perfect Mortgage?

For two decades, we’ve tested and developed our mortgage and marketing expertise. 

We’ve navigated shifts in the market and generated leads for lenders ranging from large national consumer-direct lenders to mid-market branch lenders and small savvy fintech startups.

Through this experience, we’ve proven repeatedly that the source of your leads is an important qualifier. Whether you generate your own leads or they flow on demand from a trusted supplier like LeadPoint, the quality of those leads directly impacts how many loans you close.

High-quality leads are a product of engaging and educational content that consumers use to confidently seek the financing they need from a lender who can help them, like you. My Perfect Mortgage provides the resources that serve users and attract leads.

Purchasing those leads through LeadPoint ensures superior lead scoring and validation that has been developed over 15 years and through tens of millions of consumers. 

Benefit from this combined lead expertise and focus on selling and closing loans with on-demand leads.

Questions about mortgage leads on demand

Can I generate leads on my website?

Definitely! If you want to generate your own leads in addition to buying them or as an alternative, our mortgage lead generation agency can help.

We’ll use the same strategies to generate mortgage leads under your brand and create a lead-generating web platform that becomes an owned asset of your mortgage company — generating value indefinitely.

Learn more about our lead generation agency, Kaleidico.

What makes these leads high quality?

To ultimately convert a lead, the consumer’s path often needs to begin with a positive first impression.

We meet consumers where they are, in channels including search results, content and Google Ads. Through these channels we provide targeted, educational content to build up consumer confidence making them more likely to work well with a loan officer.

By attracting leads who are educated and curious about their financing options, we supply you with fresh internet and call leads who are more likely to connect with you and take the steps necessary to secure financing.

How does the price of these leads compare to other lead sources?

Other sources that sell fresh leads may offer leads at lower or higher prices, ranging anywhere from $20-$200. Let’s break down some of the differences in lead types. 

Some mortgage leads in the lower price range may offer lower upfront costs. However these leads often require more sales effort and resources as they aren’t prepared to convert or there are more lenders competing for the sale.

Leads sold within a higher price range of $75-$250 per lead are often from rate tables like NerdWallet, Bankrate or Zillow. These are more likely to convert than the lower priced leads but also often come from consumers who are comparing rates on rate tables and expecting offers with the lowest rates.

How do I make the most of the leads I’ve purchased?

To optimize mortgage leads on demand, we’ll help you ensure that leads are flowing into your sales queue correctly.

Tracking and logistics are made simple as your new leads flow into your CRM or lead management system. If you buy lead calls, then you need someone to be ready to answer the phone when a lead comes in. This is often optimized with the use of a call center.

We take the important steps to work with you and test that leads are flowing correctly. You take it from there, to sell and connect with leads, moving them through your sales funnel to make the most of the leads you’ve purchased.

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