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Identity Theft Protection

Put your identity on lockdown. With nearly daily data breaches, your identity is probably already available on the Dark Web, in the open criminal marketplace. This is why My Perfect Mortgage encourages our clients to protect their identity and credit with a service like LifeLock Identity Protection Services.

It only takes minutes to sign up. Protect up to a million in stolen funds.

How LifeLock Works to Protect You

Using proprietary technology LifeLock will alert you to a wide range of identity threats. But, that only the beginning. Once a threat is detected, their U.S.-based team of specialists beginning working to fix the problem.

  • Detect & Alert – LifeLock’s technology detects a wide range of identity theft threats and suspicious activity. You will be immediately alerted by phone, email, and text message.
  • Restore – If you become an identity theft victim while a LifeLock member, a dedicated U.S.-based Identity Restoration Specialist will work with you step-by-step to help you fix the issues.
  • Reimburse – If money is stolen from you, as a result, an identity theft, LifeLock will replace it up to the amount secured by your LifeLock plan.

Sign up in minutes. Secure your peace of mind.

Key Features of a LifeLock Membership

My Perfect Mortgage recommends LifeLock Identity Protection Services to our clients. This unique service and technology are designed to help our clients secure their identity. LifeLock is a smart way to protect their hard earned credit score and financial assets.

Some of the special features of this program, depending on your level of membership, include:

  1. Social Security Number and Credit Alerts
  2. Bank and Credit Card Activity Alerts
  3. Alerts on Crimes in Your Name
  4. Annual Credit Reports and Scores from 3 Bureaus
  5. 401(k) and Investment Activity Alerts

Join over 4 million LifeLock members.