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Buy a home you can afford with an FHA loan. Flexible qualification requirements, lower down payments, and better rates make it easier to get approved for home financing.

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How an FHA loan makes homebuying affordable

If you’re feeling intimidated about buying your first home or even just wondering if you can meet qualification requirements to get approved for a mortgage, you’re not alone.

Like many other hopeful homebuyers, you might benefit from lower minimum credit score requirements, down payments as low as 3.5%, and minimal closing costs, among other benefits.

These features are what make FHA loans one of the most popular mortgage options available. Because FHA loans are backed by the Federal Housing Association (FHA), they make homeownership accessible to more people.

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The top benefits of FHA loans

Flexible requirements

Lenient requirements make home ownership possible with lower credit scores

Low down payment

Typical 3.5% down payments and gifts allowed reduces stress of home purchase

Affordable payments

Flexible terms provide monthly payments you can afford sustainably

Get simple and affordable home financing with an FHA loan

With flexible qualification requirements you don’t have to compromise on finding and purchasing the home you want. FHA loans apply to a variety of property types and can be fixed or adjustable-rate to meet both your short and long-term financial needs. Apply with a credit score of 500 or above, even with a higher debt-to-income ratio. Use a gift to help cover your minimum down payment and get better rates than you would with a conventional loan. Is an FHA loan right for you?

  • Fixed or adjustable-rate mortgages
  • For single or multi-family homes or condos
  • Credit scores of 500 or above can qualify
  • Term length options
  • Gift funds for down payment and closing costs allowed
  • Higher debt-to-income ratios allowed
  • Better rates available compared to conventional loans

FHA purchase loan FAQs

Who can qualify for an FHA loan?

An FHA loan is not exclusively for low-income buyers or first-time homebuyers. If you meet the required credit and debt-to-income ratio guidelines, and you have sufficient funds for a down payment, you’ll likely qualify.

Can I qualify for an FHA loan if I’ve had a foreclosure or bankruptcy?
How much do I need for a down payment?
What is mortgage insurance?
What is the difference between an FHA loan and a conventional loan?

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  • Better rates
  • Flexible loan options
  • Credit scores of 500 or above
  • Single or multi-family homes or condos
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